About Me

Welcome to my practice!

In 2007 I made the decision to pursue psychology. I have always been interested in human behaviour, relationships and the balance of life. People spend so much time and energy at work and balancing lifestyle that happiness and meaningful experiences should not be overlooked.

My philosophy in life is to live fully; be positive about creating opportunities and finding connections. I completed my Master’s Degree in 2012 and have worked in the private sector in various industries including agriculture, conservation, hospitality and tourism, pharmaceutical, mining as well as in government.

The future of work; a rapidly changing arena, indicates to innovation and agility as important factors in a highly competitive and fast-paced work environment. For this a positive and holistic mindset is key.

Based in the Western Cape, South Africa, I am eager to assist you. I make use of associates uniquely linked to project specifications to cater for your needs. 

Services are performed in-person or where possible virtually if preferred.

Lientjie Nel

Lientjie Nel specialises in Industrial Organisational Psychology and Coaching services

MA Industrial Psychology Registered Industrial Organisational Psychologist with the HPCSA PS 0124761